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  • Christianity Used As A Drug; An Orthodox Priest’s Daughter sharing experience

    An Orthodox Priest’s Daughter’s experience of Betrayal/Abuse from a mother but more from The Very Church Grown Up In
    How did someone so wise, empathetic, sincere, connected with anyone no matter where or the circumstance and trusted who’s helped countless, a family therapist and poet, decorated clergyman in the Orthodox church as an Protopresbyter who only wanted to serve God no matter the suffering life brought maintaining his humility and faith quietly, now left in inhumane situation and no one every bothered showing concern as the one he trusted sincerely for over 40 years addmittingly played an act this entire time? I will elaborate as a first hand witness of the worst I can imagine and still in disbelief not in just the realization in the mask being uncovered from the only mother I knew but everyone relentlessly supporting her unbelievably cruel truths as she depleted this ordained man of God who she mislead this entire time leading him on in the hopes he’s doing this for his family that will be all back together again in his aging years but what really happened was beyond sick. Long planned divisions and defamed characters using even authorities to abuse. Knowing how genuine and sincere using that platform to deplete everything from him financially only because of the delusions everyone followed so the more she was capable of getting away with. Clear examples this will all give on the truth about the way people use faith as a drug as they are drawn to spiritually fascinating posts and quotes and sermons yet a priest, who’s many years of gifted vestments, communion kits, supplies, antiments especially who no one should touch, they are taken and locked and now we don’t know where and it wasn’t from my father’s hands. As I tried to guard any of those holy items with my life on my father’s behalf since he’s been so ill at the time and no one reached out no one showed concern because of her level of lies and demeaning defaming of his character to the point it’s literally got him this isolated and no defense. I have never heard of this anywhere. She eagerly used his good reputation and professional credentials as the platform to fundraise from his cancer and heart attack while so many people all over trusting they are donating to them as a couple and our family in good faith trusted this was for who she said yet she was in another state and many times turned her phone off with the cruel silent treatment after his open heart surgery and it’s money he never saw and had no access to his own. I found him in a very horrific state clinging on to the large stacks of the golden holy gospels by him and the house was nearly uninhabitable. This is a priest who many known and respected all over, who’s helped at times of grief and incarceration and all the services let alone carried the heavy cross over him on the Thursday of the Betrayal but this is another level it hits differently when it’s reality and means nothing to anyone besides routine attendance.
    I was in distress, fear, trauma and Fathers I made attempts to reach didn’t want to hear anything… Again from a mother’s lies but how could people be this heartless when someone is hurting? I still don’t get it. This is master manipulation but others are at some extent accountable for their own part and do know right from wrong.
    I grew up with Orthodoxy it’s been part of me and deeply but realizing the slow abuse on different levels from whom we trusted yet no one is considering anything wrong with this picture now even my coming forward as the oldest of three and not to mention first hand witness. People I tried to tell when no one listened not even authorities they kept believing her warnings of me of course my traumatic responses were normal and her using that to tell people I’m just unstable was her tactic in trapping everything and silencing me but if people claimed they just didn’t know what to believe… they believed the one who doesn’t leave a social media screen posting every 15 minutes and never worked in decades but only takes and yet while they say that they still believed the charming driven posts and funded it as opposed to someone who was there first hand with no history of being a liar… It was nearly costing a life the level of abuse and I have never had any reason to be this panicked in my life and the one time… This needs to be shared because the impact it has is a very example why faith isn’t just about calling ourselves Christians but being it.
    I don’t know where to start on this. With so much that I still have yet to piece together since everything is making sense now that the recent shocking moments I went through and witnessed making it all clear what and how it came to all everything is now. It has been the most assuring though after the incidents that my mother shockingly setup and as scary as it all was with no words to explain all very planned out with helpers, yet post on her social media all jolly and happy announcing her birthday is coming posting where to send funds… all while she just had me ambushed by suprise after asking me to stay with my dad so he’s not alone knowing I gave up my apartment to be there for him just so she can fly back in town and have multiple police cars give me 5 minutes to get out. My dad barely alive after a heart attack.. and open heart surgery along with her leaving him alone with only her gaslighting guilt tripping texts in a house in terrible conditions while collecting sympathy funds he never saw. She totally depleted everything quickly and ruined his credit at the same time. I know I wasn’t being gaslighted this time I don’t lose reality I saw what I saw and it was unbelievable. All my life their marriage her years of manipulating and coercing and control it seemed this was a moment she seemed to plan long ahead for… this was a level of manipulation I haven’t imagined but evidently no one’s life was her concern or truth.

    When I tried to tell anyone anything or come forward no one believing me since she’s been long telling people her depiction of me as unstable and whatever else it must have been really bad to be this level of downplayed that they didn’t see as dehumanizing… This while the rest of the family she somehow managed to have them move far away and slowly alienate my father and I from them which is surreal and they don’t see what I saw.  The relentless hacking in multiple accounts, taunting stalking type creepy texts to my dad from her knowing what she’s getting away with as we don’t hear from the rest of the family and her staying with my sister posing as a good mom and grandmother while convinced my sister to keep me blocked for no reason other than lies. I am sure people basically know that abusers or toxic people or manipulating types do anything to make sure the victims are seen as the bad guys and nothing has allowed me to have a relationship with my sister my mother admitted in other messages to me last year of her plans of estrangement and look at the outcome to have everyone divided and isolated its heartbreaking and she is the one making sure through the years my dad baptized his own grandchildren and now is only being unimaginable in tactics with her actual division and harmed a good person’s life and painted him as  a bad person setting doubts and confusion in everyone’s minds while he can’t have the family together as he used to or hoped we were getting back to. Her agenda from the beginning very beginning was to cut me and my dad out no wonder she wasn’t even there for his ordination when I was six years old and now I do remember he came back from that at the time and it was the best moment for him but before he got there she did say to me condescendingly at my young age of six “don’t call him daddy now he’s Father” She is doing everything in her power to keep us all apart after wearing him out and depleting him of everything and me took all from me even other place I started to live at i wasn’t there she had the landlord let her in and I arrived to locks changed and laughed at by the owners telling me everything is gone it’s with your mother… but of course I never saw anything i had again and calling the police was nearly another ambush by her plan to attempt to get me committed all while this whole time I was worried just for my dad and my mother used those emotional moments to try and trick me to something I didn’t know while my dad wasn’t well or aware of this and siblings are gone so she’s going at everything she’s been planning now that she’s dad my dad and me isolated as with no way to communicate with my sister she keeps estranged and brother etc. They don’t know what I saw or her capabilities yet. They didn’t understand yet that… something isn’t normal, these premeditated and horrific levels of abuse and worse with no empathy or feeling but just acting I knew isn’t normal but somehow everyone is falling for it.  I have more to elaborate and add but this is a start to my story that I haven’t had an easy time coming forward but so much being silenced makes it necessary I do have more to say.

    This is a significant case of an extreme “abuse” to put it lightly and where is any of the ones who knew us and this can’t be how the Church thanks us after all we went through in all the years and experiences. This is really not right or making sense but if you knew a person before you should know if you honestly think, does this sound right what all has come to? Does this sound right?

  • Hope for answers

    To whoever this can reach,

    Investigators? Someone?

    Abuse reports kept getting IGNORED by authorities. Why… ? Let me know after reading this…

    How did someone so wise, kind, intelligent, from a very good family and with very strong long lasting friendships who connected with anyone no matter who was always ready to help serve people as a family therapist and servant of God whom he always just wanted to serve and his family? How did such a person who many loved and would respect with unique intuitive people skills and loving father who would do anything for us end up like a nobody and forgotten? Not one person to show concern after everything got depleted especially since he’s far from his home town no other relatives and I was about to be tricked to go in a mental hospital by the police and people bullying me online locally I didn’t know they had connection with anyone at a time I just needed a place to rent. I was there and lived everything I am first hand witness and I saw witnesses. Plus my dad’s type 1 diabetes is a non stop struggle always was but she exploited the vulnerability. It kept getting worse we didn’t even realize it for so long. No it wasn’t done to himself that’s the problem. It was a slow process of betrayal from the only one we trusted most and leaned on as a mother who we didn’t realize played different faces the whole time.

    Even worse though on the other hand my story can pertain to many topics of different types of abuse but coming forward how come authorities let it get so bad and anytime I tried to come up with the words for the horrific experiences they just deflect it back on me like a liar? At nearly 40 years old no history of being a trouble maker or making things up why would I? The very people who have been needed and still we need help they have been making everything backfire. I don’t know how anyone would deserve this no matter who.
    I will give an abbreviated version of the last 2 years that no one no human being no animal deserves. I would like answers to everything going on and has been going on. Not only my family deserves transparency but the planned covering of constant abuse and exploitation not to mention civil rights treated irrelevant that so many authorities and people who knew up front everything going on but refused to take my reports. I was in town as I was told of my dad’s heart attack and open heart surgery but those involved used this after rushing him on a trip out of town for whatever was going on at the house being set up then asked me to go stay with my dad since mother’s going to be out of state long term. I witnessed nothing but cruelty, silent treatments, being told by the bystander there to let it go “he’s going to kill himself nothing you can do” making me question so much let alone agendas this was shocking and rushed him out of state again to travel and came back withholding his insulin before getting back on the connecting flights back he nearly died between flights and then ignoring his calls with the silent treatment once back.

    I was seeing constant texting and taunting him after leading him on to believing hopeful things just to be lied to and deliberately ruined his credit at that time as she taunted him with the text messages. I helped him look it up and yeah it was her email with her name completely used up all the credit messed it up in the very time frame. Defaming his character to everyone at the worst level turning the people he loves against him it was constant while leaving him alone. Eliminating chances of support or defense. Yelling at him by phone to the point I later had to call the ambulance and then she flies back in town only to have me asked to leave and had multiple police cars gang up on me by suprise telling me I have five minutes to leave or go with them. I didn’t understand why and I didn’t commit any crime while I was waiting for my dad to arrive from hospital and he was barely able to see what was going on I was trying to see how he’s doing but instead I’m being stared down by police me with no criminal past and this was suddenly a huge fear I never imagined. The ones helping her kept telling me to get out like they are all in on it. I had to suddenly lose whatever little I had and no food no money and to find a place to stay. Obviously planned. After I witnessed cruelty to extreme level at same time left him alone guilt tripping him for eating anything knowing he was setup to be extremely depressed but told my brother and sister lies whatever they were so they just thought he’s depressed for nothing but I know what I saw and she was online endlessly fundraising on his heart attack from his reputation as a clergyman and licensed therapist yet they didn’t know he didn’t see a dime of it and she rushed even the lump sum from retirement approval and anything else it was indescribable.
    I was trying to find other places to stay but still in shock about all this. Police kept refusing my welfare checks, time went they still refused to help I tried to show them what I was talking about and the conditions he was living but they said no, even after acknowledging something when I explained my concerns for the abuse and treatment one of them said “So basically wear him out, and ruin his life” I said yes and they said they’d investigate but they lied they didn’t they just left.
    To know where he was after I heard he moved and I was worried for the precious belongings of my father’s past, his writings, his sacred items from the years as clergy and many unpublished poems and even not only photos of his childhood but his mothers congrats cards after he was born. So much I can go on but for her she was not telling what was going on and I was not warned by anyone neither my dad or myself and anyone else was told stories without letting me speak.
    When I found a place I was gone one day to come back only to be laughed at by the owners after what little I tried to hold on to of my past at all or any physical memory of my dad who was blocked from talking to. The owners laughed and said “everything is gone it’s with your mother” as I had only the clothes on my back locked outside since they changed the lock and my phone barely working now again am not sure why this happened. I called the police of course and they ignored my report and show up in many cars urging me to go to a mental hospital. I was shocked because that’s not why I called them what was this all about? I have never been a harm or threat to anyone and for just trying to care for my dad who no one was letting me see?

    Nothing was explained but every time I would respond to anything she’d say or try to help him it’d be another trap another setup. It’s scary. I tried calling Adult Protective Services and was constantly hung up on and eventually noticed in the abusers continuous harassive intimidating taunts to my dad she showed screenshots of conversations with the APS agent like chatty and intent to make him a sex offender like it’s all a written script. This was creepy especially it was me that was trying to call her she instead directly was updating the abuser who sends stalking messages where I was or wasn’t? So this was why I left her voicemails and messages and typed incidents and its very concerning information and she kept ignoring everything this confirms it’s not in my head like they’re treating me like.
    Who downplays abuse to this level and why so many cover ups and people in on it? I really need honest investigations and I saw my father nearly dead and in a house in horrible conditions and left alone as he was exploited. I saw the process of the malicious tactics to keep him more isolated and with the intent they admitted and the obsessive taunts and harassment I beg this case against him really be looked at because setups are in her pattern and that was nothing like his past it doesn’t look or sound right and only was a case when he was isolated from anyone even old friends from his church from his other children and grandchildren everything seems cruelly panned I because the timing of a raid was not making sense and yet he was good enough for her to exploit as he was nearly lifeless and I have constantly been silenced. Full trust and vulnerability on his part the more he kept getting exhausted even the cancer the broken bones he kept working full time through as she kept leading him on to believe he still has his family to look forward as she deceptively destroyed his career and clergy life knowing he would feel bit of hope and nostalgia when baptizing all his grand kids but now it was all part of the abuse tactic to lead him to nothing with no one… Lies and lies as she secretly plotted these destruction in the most cruel monstrous ways while painting different pictures for others. No remorse or anything.
    If something was said to authorities wouldn’t I have a right to know or was it okay to be put through the constant shock of these ambushed setups? I need this looked into and the system here needs accountability. Why are so many people in on it or not saying anything? This was unbelievable to witness and yet the abuser plays a different face around others like nothing happened? I would need answers this costed my family and the life we had all because of one person’s malicious plans no one deserved. Does anyone deserve this?

  • To my brother and sister

    To my dear brother and sister,
    Hopefully this won’t get silenced and hacked again as communication has been limited or controlled for no good reason. It’s not helping anyone not knowing the honest truth.
    Forget the statistics or subject of “Parental alienation” but I will describe what isn’t right as result of one’s malice. Pure malice and you must be informed of truth because this isn’t right on you or children also.
    Especially as parents yourselves. I and many people have seen repeated first hand here preplanned setups using local authorities and cover ups. No other reason but malice and everything has been piecing together all our lives and my life. Nothing is good about what is being done to our family or any family. To deliberately destroy a person their family unit and any possibility of defense for no reason using the system to harm and manipulated every possible chance to alienate everyone telling everyone different things for simply malice nothing else.

    I saw the worst surface and others did too. I can’t believe the participating bystaders and all the worst definitely started after both of you were finally out of state and I was in other side of town and no one informed me. I was kept from the house constantly. Recently last couple years I coudn’t put into words but no mother would do what ours did not just mother but any normal human being and with the intent to wipe me and dad out of existence. Everything else makes sense and to act like nothing happened to the outside and goes back to my sister who I don’t hear from because of our mom’s malice is not right. Plus last time mom was around here still she kept persisting and persisting her taunting stories like dad is a sick person like she’s drilling what she knows is lies and would message me that she would ask suggestive ideas to my sister who dad hasn’t seen in a long time and is far away. While preventing communication that’s nothing but malice and there is no reason to say such a thing to intentionally confuse people because the manipulating agenda is definitely to plant doubt and confusion to completely alienate and destroy in the worst form ever. I remember now the way she’d use us when he wasn’t there to talk bad behind him to others so slowly and surely he was isolated more and more as our lives moved on and same with me too. I didn’t understand but I see it all now. Just last year as I was in shock to find out my apartment was wiped out and locks changed unexpectedly being laughed at by those owners as they said “everything is gone it’s with your mother” a few days prior my mom told me on a phone call that she never cared to be a mother and that she faked it… This another clue shes not a normal person and this was while dad wasn’t well but I doubt this is anything a mother would do and if i was an abused victim in the sense she insists…. Why this detest? No come on these are contradictions and you can’t look at your children and think this cold hearted act is love and then go on a vacation basically like nothing happened and even have excitement for some reason it doesn’t make sense. Think about it…. Please.

    I can go on but consider this about how she is with the harassing taunting messages and more she’s done here and how bad it got it’s nothing good and knowing how fabricated so much from her is like all the cropped constant messages and however she has admittedly setup in one of the messages the incident when I was a toddler and I realized it was used to fabricate the case against him now that was totally out of his character and a purely extremely abusive tactic once she had you guys out state she coudln’t wait and I was interestingly not informed until recently.

    I am the oldest I know dad did everything for us with pure sincerety with everyone he served for too but nothing was as important as us he went through everything for us and mom was always the biggest supporter playing the strong backbone for him and her ideas always to keep a lot in storage now I see the ending of this and it’s horrific. We are all betrayed. For a mother to do what even I went through, but witnessed worse. People here know it. No remorse or empathy acting like nothing happened this isn’t the same as what dad felt towards and feels now except this is a grief. She lead him on and normalized I realized too much degrading him and downplaying him like every injury or suffering as she played two cards siding with people he stayed away from only to be lead to nothing and with no one there and family far away after mom purposely used the cruel level of spiritual abuse behind him making his alienation from what he loved further and further away while making him baptise all the kids just to be discarded to say the least. I saw the taunting cruel cruel silent treatments and messages she would add to everything while here and everyone far as he just had a heart attack but can’t defend himself or question making him feel worse. I saw it all and I am still in shock by the ones in on it and saying nothing… An agony, while she would tell people he’s suicidal but that wasn’t the case she was doing everything possible to make that seem like that but I saw the truth and others did but we’re still around. Her cruel abuse tactics that she planned early on. This is a very severe level of abuse and worse so I hope this cycle won’t repeat and you really consider the facts… It’s worse than anything imaginable what happened to our family in a slow systematically planned method I urge you to consider and think for yourselves a bit now.

    We were neglected by mom as children you know that and my dear sister you know mom ignored you a lot and only took advantage of the situation once you had kids and her push to move you up there was a big unfortunate first step to her cruel plan.

    Abuse is not okay I urge for things to take a turn for the better you don’t know the impact this has done and the beautiful precious things of dad’s youth and poetry he never got to publish and so much we had wiped out by the only mother we knew. Hopefully what we can salvage see what’s going on can happen. Losing everything to the point no proof of where me and dad came from that’s abuse. Everything was done so cruel here I can’t express this enough hopefully you both will see me and dad as family again and mom did admit in messages before those accounts got locked that she planned the estrangement from the beginning but I don’t worry what happens to mom as much as you both should know the void dad and I carry daily. When we get harrasive scrutiny for trying to contact my sister or anyone that’s not normal and that’s abuse coercive control and indimidation tactic please remember that.

    Discrediting a loved ones emotional and spiritual needs isn’t love. Division isn’t love. Lies is not love. Planted confusion isn’t love these are not from God that we learned. This is all extreme form of psychological abuse along with other forms of abuse and more for all of us as well because everyone’s denied the truth and system has been manipulated. Keep asking youself about the situation and more “Does this sound right..” Really think about it.